Our Story


Mission Statement

We are eager to fulfill people’s power equipment needs in a joyful and God-pleasing manor, equipping and empowering people to achieve more than ever imagined.

Our Core


Excellence, even in failing

We make sure our customer gets the best result, even if it isn’t with us.

COMP Passion

Be passionate about you, your customer and your goal! ((Compile - passion ))

But first, God

In all decisions we have to know if it isn’t God-pleasing, it isn’t worth doing. Even if we lose the sale.

Laugh a lot!

Let's have fun being excellent and love making people enjoy the time they spend with us.




In 1968

Glezen Sales and Service was founded by Dan Sr. and Florence Glezen in 1968. At our roots, we are a company that always made strides toward providing a fun, competent and honorable experience for our customers. Dan and Florence loved being entrepreneurs. They loved the idea of getting away from bureaucratic, cumbersome, inefficient large businesses. They loved providing for their customers on a personal level.

They started serving their customers with Bolens tractors and snowmobiles out of a self made tent in their front yard. While holding a full time job at the Hallstead Foundry, Dan would come home and sell and service machines in any extra time he found. Over the years this side hustle began to get traction. They became very successful with the Bolens line. They soon built a small building and were able to have a small showroom. Being from Hallstead, a logging town, the market quickly showed the need for chainsaws. Wanting nothing but the best, with no compromises they chose to pursue Stihl. They had success, quickly needing to inventory higher and shift their attention more to the sales and service.


Moving forward with success

The Market was demanding and in 1989 there was an opportunity to acquire two more of the highest quality lines of handheld power equipment. Seeing an opportunity to serve their customers better they pounced. In 1989 they acquired Husqvarna and Echo lines of equipment. Little did they know, the success that would come from this choice.

It was very convenient to have all three of the world’s leaders in professional outdoor power equipment. Stihl, Husqvarna and Echo all had their lines of consumer and commercial equipment. Each bringing a different niche to the marketplace. Having the best equipment to sell is only one piece of the puzzle. You also have to be able provide competent and honest service work. Dan worked very hard to help his loyal customers, treating each and every machine as if it were his own. Florence immersed herself in parts catalogs and microfiche. She began to inventory more and more parts. Each part was ordered and put away by her. There wasn’t a part in stock that didn’t have her fingerprints on it. Florence is still known to this day for her ability to hear what someone needs, and just walk back and grab the part.

Glezen's Power Equipment is on the map

In the early 2000’s after a large expansion and many years of steady business they began to talk about retirement and their next steps. Knowing it wouldn’t happen quickly they kept their options open. During one summer Dan III came to work to paint the exterior of the building and put a few hours a week in until he had to go back to school. Dan III didn’t stop working there unless there was a sports season. In between sports and school Dan worked to earn extra money. He moved from laborer to mechanic, to lead mechanic to sales. It was soon evident that Dan III had interest in the business. If this were to happen safely we needed to incorporate. At this time Glezen’s Power Equipment Inc was born.

It is quite common in a small business for an employee to wear a bunch of hats and it was quite evident that the skills that Dan Sr. and Florence had weren’t going to be able to be replicated in a couple of years. After many years of studying and asking many “Why do we do that?” Dan III was allowed to move forward and push the business. Wisely, Dan Sr. and Florence held the reins near as a safety blanket. After a few years and seeing Dan III had a real passion for entrepreneurship, they began to talk about succession and how we would move forward.


continue Expending even more

Since this time We have expanded into a few different lines. In 2017 we brought in Altoz mowers. We have pushed our Husqvarna riding mowers and commercial zero turns with great success. We still have the three lines of world renown commercial handheld equipment in Husqvarna, Stihl and Echo. We sell Heatmor Heatmor Outdoor Wood Stoves to complement our chainsaw sales.

We have had an amazing opportunity to move into robotics with Husqvarna Automower. Who would have known that in 1989 a simple move to improve your customer satisfaction would have the ripple effect it has had in 2020? We are striving hard to make decisions that our children will be proud of in 20 years too.

Looking Back but moving forward

We now have a team of 10 people and it is growing. We pride ourselves in having a team that is humble, hungry and smart. We want to have fun, we want to be a place that you walk in and have a good time getting what you need. We pride ourselves in getting better at our job every year. We look for ways to innovate while also not losing the sense of home. We love knowing the people walking through the door.

Glezens Power Equipment has changed a lot over the years. We have gone from no heat and a canvas over our head to having some of the world’s most intelligent lawn, garden and forestry solutions. We are so grateful for the foundation set for us by Dan Sr and Florence. Their commitment to their customer and to having a ministry through business is something we will never lose sight of.