Consumer Lawn & Garden



At Glezen’s Power Equipment Inc. we have the privilege of dealing with many consumers looking for solutions for their homes. We love that our Stihl, Echo and Husqvarna lines all carry a vast variety of consumer goods. Chainsaws, Line Trimmers, Tillers, Blowers, Edgers and so much more. There is very rarely a job for the average homeowner that we cannot provide a tool for.

With the three largest manufacturers of outdoor power equipment all under one roof, (Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo) there is something for everyone. When selling consumers equipment we want to know a few things. The first thing we need to know is what you are looking to spend on a product. We want to make sure we are matching a Stihl, Husqvarna or Echo piece of equipment that fits your personal budget. We never want to sell you something that you regret a few months later because it was a poor financial decision. The second question we always ask is, what are you doing with this product? We want to know what you’re up against. We want to know acreage, expectations and needs. For us to feel good about a sale, we have to know it is a complete fit.

We make sure to provide more than the average experience when you purchase a piece of Stihl, Husqvarna or Echo equipment from GPE. We not only try to fit the product to your financial and physical needs, but we also make sure you are leaving with a unit that works. This sounds like common sense, it should be, but it isn't. This means we fuel the unit up and fire it up. We make sure the machine runs as expected. One of the biggest things we do that is so much different is we register the product for their warranties. Making sure it is in the manufactures systems correctly and you’re getting the most value for your dollar. We also track everything about the machine and the warranty in our system. This opens opportunities like theft detection. When someone buys a machine from us, we would know if someone else brought that machine back in for repairs. This helps us know if the unit is stolen or not. One more way we are trying to help the people that help us.

When you buy a Husqvarna Tractor from us, another thing we do is provide you with a Glezen’s Power Equipment binder. This is simply just a way to organize your manuals. On them, you will find our contact information. This is for every tractor we sell. Whether you need a base model tractor or you need the largest tractor they make sporting the locking differential. We treat you the same. Offering free delivery on all of them too. We love that you chose us. In a marketplace that has so many choices, we honestly feel blessed that consumers choose us.

We have always been about service and parts availability. From the beginning Dan and Florence believed that the product was only as good as the dealer backing. This has never and will never change. We do our best to keep fast moving parts in stock. We also sport the best mechanics in the area. We truly feel that the dealership is the difference maker for equipment. That is what we’re trying to be.

So, now that you have heard how and why we sell top tier equipment it is up to you to answer two simple questions. What are your needs? What are you looking to spend? Text, call or email us the answer to these two questions and we will do our best to show you your options.