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Dan Sr and Florence Glezen founded what would eventually be called Glezen’s Power Equipment (see history tab for more info) in 1968. Founded on a simple thought “treat your customer how you would want to be treated”. With the golden rule echoing through all we do at Glezen’s Power Equipment we have tried to increase in every area.

Forty years of building the foundation to a very solid business, Dan and Florence started to think about succession. Dan III had been working at GPE for a few years and had a solid interest in furthering the business. In 2010 we were able to move forward with pushing the business to new heights.


Having a great customer base it was easy to push the business to new heights selling equipment like Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Altoz and Heatmor Stoves. Surrounded by a great team and great equipment the business started to be able to utilize sales programs that were previously out of reach. We began to grow at a rate that was something from our dreams. As the business demanded more from us we knew we needed to make sure we had a team united behind a goal that was bigger than us. We had already been working with the thought that this was bigger than us, it was time to put it into words. We came up with a mission statement:

We are eager to fulfill people’s power equipment needs in a joyful and God-pleasing manner, equipping and empowering people to achieve more than ever imagined.

This short phrase encompasses all we try to do here at Glezen’s Power Equipment. We know that there are a ton of options for the consumer in the marketplace. So we want to treat your time and your decision to be with us with swiftness. We also want you to enjoy the time you spend here at Glezen’s Power Equipment, and we want to enjoy you. In short, we want your experience you have here at GPE to be the opposite of the DMV.

Our whole team knows that we spend much of our lives here at work. We want the time here to mean something. We want to make sure that when we look back on our time here, we know we treated people right and made our small piece of the world better. So we know how much Jesus has changed our lives for the better that we want to make sure we treat everyone in a way that is God pleasing. In saying this we know the umbrella that rule casts, we embrace it with humility and honesty. Apologizing when we’re called to and having compassion when called to. We know that the common business may say this is counterintuitive, we don't want to be the common business. We have our sights set higher than that. Even if that means narrowing our margins.

When GPE thinks of “equipping” we know that we want to have the best to offer. This is why we deal with world leaders like Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Altoz and Heatmor stoves. How do we keep them all under one roof? It hasn't been easy, but we aren't about to shy away from a fight. When it comes to making a better product or selection for our customers, you won't find a better advocate than GPE.


When we wrote the word “empowering” our thought was the idea of someone walking away from GPE with confidence. Whether it's confidence in your new Stihl chainsaw, or confidence in your Husqvarna Fleet package, we want you to walk out with an idea how you're going to conquer your next obstacle in life. Or maybe you came to us to have your machine repaired, we want you going forward knowing the machine will perform as promised. Sometimes that means just simply education and giving tips on how we would go about a repair. Sometimes that is selling you a world class robotic Husqvarna Automower for lawn solutions when you’re out of town. We want you to know we have your back and we are NEVER going to sell you something you don’t need. We make sure every transaction not only fits your needs but also fits your budget. We never want anyone regretting a transaction they had with us. We would rather just not have the sale.

The term “Achieve more than ever imagined” is brought out of the biggest win we could have here at GPE. We would have people come to us at fairs and come back in our doors smiling from ear to ear. We heard a common phrase that brings joy to our hearts, “You wouldn’t believe what I was able to do!”. We made this declaration our pinnacle of success. When we hear those words it brings a smile to our face. We know, in that moment, that our mission has been accomplished. Something we sold you or told you made something in your life easier. That's what we’re here to do. That's the type of business that we all can hang our hats on at the end of our lives.

Are you looking for a profession that is more than just a JOB? Do you want to be a part of something bigger? Well, leave us an application, tell us what makes you a great team player. Tell us why you are looking to join our team. If you really want to set yourself apart, tell us what's important to you!