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Quality - Speed - Communication

At Glezen’s Power Equipment we believe the growth of our business really relies on the strength and capabilities of our service team. This is why the service team at Glezen’s Power Equipment has never been stronger. We know the ability for us to keep your machine running well and keep you on the job hinges on our service team. Since 1968 we have wanted the service division to be the engine that drives our business, we still believe that 52 years later. We believe this is our responsibility to give you the most confidence moving forward. This is who we are, that isn’t going to change. 

Our mindset behind the service and repair of your machines has never changed. We see every machine that needs repair as an opportunity to help someone. We see it as an opportunity to help you achieve your goals. We know these machines are the difference between you completing the jobs you need done. We know these machines are a pivotal piece in you getting to your desired outcomes. These things are important to you, so they’re important to us. 

Speed is very important to get you back on your job as quickly as possible. This is why we do our best to make sure we have a very quick turnaround on repairs. One way we try to capitalize on speed without sacrificing any quality is finding issues before they cost you any down time. To do this we offer a free pick up and delivery incentive in January and February of each year. This is our way of trying to get your lawn tractors and commercial zero turns in to be serviced in the time of year that they aren’t needed. In 2021 we will be fitting 150 machines into those two months for service. This helps us incentivize the idea of fixing things before they’re an issue. We hope to see this number continue to grow in an effort to be proactive. 

Quality is always the most important thing to any part of a business. We believe we bring the most quality and value to the market through our service team. We are always trying to find ways that bring more value to our customers. We feel it is an honor that you have chosen us in a marketplace with so many options. One of these ways we bring value is how we continue to record all of the data about your machine. Not just what needed to be done to make the machine run well and what we did to complete that, but also many other things. If your chainsaw comes to us for repair, we will record the serial number, product number and bar and chain combinations. This helps us determine what parts you may need down the road with no hesitation. If you were to bring a tractor or zero turn to us, we are going to record things like, hours on the machine, engine numbers, model and serial numbers. Again, this is to ensure down the road when you need a part, you aren’t searching for the numbers. This is just a way to help, we see it as an opportunity to bring the most value to you.    

Communication we feel is where most relationships fall apart. We don’t take that statistic for granted. We have taken many steps to make our communication as quick and efficient as possible. We now have an app that allows our techs to directly text you about your machine. We can send and receive pictures showing you first hand what is needed to complete something on your machine. We want you to know your options. Are you looking to only get an estimate before you move forward with a repair? We get that, we honor that, and we will make sure we do our best to give you the most reliable advice moving forward. How do we do this? We put ourselves in your shoes, simply asking ourselves, “If this was my machine, what would I want done here.”  If you don't like to text we still have multiple landlines to answer your phone call. Some people prefer emails, don’t worry we do that too. We will not leave you in the dark, you will know every step of the way what is happening. Surprises come from poor communication and we avoid surprises at all costs.

At Glezen’s Power Equipment we want our relationship with customers to encompass trust. We know that trust isn’t something we can buy, it must be earned. Earning trust is something that requires a lot of work. Trust is only earned with consistency over time. This is who we are, we are willing to work for your trust. Over time you will find we will not waiver from our commitment to you, your machine and your job. We do this through speed, quality and communication. 

Are you looking for someone to care for your machine as if it was their own? Do you need someone in your corner to make your life easier? Are you ready to have the communication that gives you the confidence you aren't being taken advantage of? Isn't it time someone is in your corner, looking out for you? This is our promise to you.
  • TRIMMERS  * 
  • BLOWERS  * 
  • POLE SAWS  * 
  • CUT OFF SAWS  * 
  • EDGERS *
  • TAMPERS  ** 
  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Engine Oil Change
  3. Fuel Filter change/inspection
  4. Spark plug change/inspection
  5. Air filter change/inspection
  6. Drive Belt inspection
  7. Deck Belt inspection
  8. Check Tire Pressure
  9. Grease Machine
  10. Sharpen and Balance Blades
  11. Deck Leveling
  12. Engine Speed (RPM) test
  13. Brake Inspection
  14. Test run
  15. Pressure Wash


  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Compression Check
  3. Spark Plug replacement/Air Gap Test
  4. Fuel Line/Needle Valve PSI inspection
  5. Fuel Filter inspection/replacement
  6. Air Filter replacement/inspection
  7. Clutch and Sprocket inspection
  8. Bar Touch up
  9. Sharpen Chain
  10. Grease Bar tip and Clutch Bearing
  11. Chain Brake Inspection
  12. Engine Speed (RPM) test
  13. Engine Load Test
  14. Clean Machine