Unfortunately, winter comes around every year. Every fall when the leaves start to change we love football and the foliage but we dread the onset of winter. Nonetheless, how we feel about the coming season doesn't change its rapid approach. Here at Glezen’s Power Equipment Inc. we may dislike the season, but that doesn't mean we don't have ways to make it easier. Husqvarna and Altoz TRX snow equipment can make every job in the snow easier.

Husqvarna has snow blowers designed for the smallest to the largest jobs. We have single stage snow blowers. We also have two stage snow blowers. Husqvarna has designed snow blowers to fit everyone’s needs. Also, many of the snow blowers we sell are attachments for the Husqvarna tractors, ranging from 42 to 50 inches wide with either an electric lift or manual lift.

There are many fun activities to be done in the snow, snowblowing and plowing are not one of them. Husqvarna snow blowers make it more enjoyable by making the job easier, quicker and more comfortable. One of the ways they make it more enjoyable is electric start availability. The models that come equipped with this start quickly and easily with no hassle of pull starts. With it being as simple as a push of a button, they will quickly get you working and back in your warm house in no time.

Another feature that is available is heated handles. Need I say more? Keeping your hands warm and dry is a major plus while working in the snow. Gone are the days of running into your home for a few minutes to warm your hands by the fire. Stay on the job, stay working, get the job done and get back to your warm cup of cocoa waiting for you.

The professional models come completely loaded. Combining all of the comforts of heated handles and electric start, professional machines require more than just comfort. These machines come with the available track units for the best traction in their class. They have fully integrated EFI engines with turn key start. When it comes to performance nothing works better on these machines than their hydrostatic transmission. The hydrostatic transmission allows the machine to move from front to back without stopping the impeller and without shifting. These machines work great for the customer looking to have the highest reliability and performance. Are you looking to have the most reliable machine in your garage?

Just like anything, the machine is only as good as the company backing them. This is our part of the bargain. This is what we can do for you that is different. We want to be there when you need us. This is who we strive to be. We stock belts and shear pins to keep your machine working. We also take extreme pride in our service team making these machines run well for you when you need them most. We believe this is the biggest difference when it comes to purchasing a piece of equipment. We believe that big box stores don't care the way we do, they see you as a number and not a person, we don’t.

Are you looking for a team to do their best to keep you running when it matters most? Are you ready to have someone answer the phone when you call? We’re here, in the worst weather, ready to help you tackle any job you're up against.